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October 20, 2019

Living for the Eternal | Elberta Campus

Passage: Colossians 3:1-4

It’s All About Jesus - Living for the Eternal
Colossians 3:1-4

Sermon Notes:

  1. Seek The Things Above (1)
  2. Set Your Mind on Things Above (2)
  3. Surrender Your Life to Christ (3-4)

Sermon Debrief Discussion Questions:

  1. How does thinking about heaven impact the way that you live today?
  2. In what ways are believers tempted to live as if we still belonged to the world?
  3. How often do you think about the difference Christ makes in your life? Why is this an important part of changing?
  4. To what extent should believers’ lives reveal they’re focused on Christ? In what practical ways can we keep our thoughts on Christ in our daily activities?
  5. How can we maintain the right balance between thinking on the things of heaven and the things of earth?
  6. What is the connection between renewing our minds and transforming our behaviors and actions?
  7. What does your life say about the priorities and values of your heart? Is the kingdom of God primary in your life? Are you focused on the temporary or the eternal?

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