The Best Gifts are Not Under the Tree
Bev Dracos

It is the countdown to Christmas. The house is decorated, the goodies have been made, packages have been wrapped and shipped. Holiday traditions are being observed throughout our community. It is a busy and beautiful season for traditions of giving, gathering, special events, and programs.

The gifts wrapped and placed around the tree are being closely observed, and sometimes (when no one is looking), they are picked up and shaken or inspected for any possible tear in the wrapping. (Who would do that?)

This morning I picked up my phone, knowing that the praying women in our prayer circle were already texting and sharing their hearts in intercessory prayer. As I read through the texts of my sisters, my heart soared. I sat in amazement at how the Lord uses our small but mighty group of praying mommas to voice that which is carried on all our hearts. One voice, spoken through seven unique individuals and yet spoken as one.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for guiding, ministering, comforting, and speaking through my sisters. It is a blessing and a gift to treasure. There is no package under any tree that holds anything of such remarkable value.

My heart’s desire is that many, many more would know the power and the blessing of being united with others in persevering, fervent intercessory prayer. This year we have seen God work in miraculous ways. We are so profoundly grateful for all He has done, is doing, and will do. If God is calling you to an emboldened, active prayer journey, please say, “YES!” For such a time as this…our families, our church, our community, our nation, and the world are in desperate need of prayer.

There is, of course, no gift that compares to the gift that is at the heart of our Christmas celebration. We received an incredible gift from God. He chose to come and dwell among us—what a wondrous story it is. I pray that you will have a quiet moment in these few days before Christmas to allow the joy and wonder of the Greatest Gift to fill your heart and mind in a way that will resonate throughout the New Year.

Merry Christmas!