December 1, 2019

Hope | Perdido Key Campus

Passage: Isaiah 9:1-7

Advent - Hope
Isaiah 9:1-7

Sermon Notes:

  1. See the dawn of hope. (1-2)
  2. Remember despair has been defeated. (3-5)
  3. Cling to the promise of hope. (6-7)

Discussion Questions:

  1. From Isaiah 9:2-3, what hope was there for Israel? In Isaiah 9:3, how significant was this news?
  2. What two verbs are used in Isaiah 9:4-5 to describe the results of the birth of the promised Messiah?
  3. Do you think Isaiah’s language here reflects the attitude of most believers today about what Jesus has done for them? Why or why not?
  4. Would you say you have experienced Jesus in this way, shattering the yoke and rod of your oppressor? Explain.
  5. Of these names and facts in Isaiah 9:6-7, which encourages you the most right now? Why?
  6. What comfort does it give you in your current circumstances to know that God fulfilled His promise in Isaiah through the birth of Jesus, the Messiah?
  7. If Jesus shattered the oppressive yoke on the cross, then why do so many believers still live in oppression? How does Isaiah 9 inform you of what to do about this?

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