November 24, 2019

Moving Forward | Perdido Key Campus

Passage: Colossians 4:2-18

It’s All About Jesus - Moving Forward
Colossians 4:2-18

Sermon Notes:

  1. Pray (2-4)
  2. Live (5-6)
  3. Invest (7-18)

Discussion Questions:

  1. Name someone God put in your life at a certain time for good reason. Explain.
  2. Respond to the following statement: The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone.
  3. Why is it important to be informed about the activities of believers around the world?
  4. How can the knowledge of the love and prayers of a believer who lives far away be an encouragement? When have you experienced this?
  5. Based on Colossians 4:10-14, what would you say was Paul’s view of Christian community?
  6. What is something you can do to be a more effective co-laborer with other believers?
  7. Who is a comfort and help to you in living out your faith? What can you do to show your appreciation to him or her?

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